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1. History of another world
Solar is a young Hedgehog that came from a faraway planet called Elos, Elos was a world full of these creatures called Elementals. Elementals were beings that could wield a specific element and there were six elements in all. Fire, water, ground, air, lightning, and ice. Solar is a Woodland Elemental. Woodland Elementals are beings that are heavily based off of Woodland creatures like wolves, foxes, and all kinds of animals. Elos is home to many Elementals that are different forms of life, but the Woodland Elementals are the most common and the only ones that seem to be based off somthing. The reason for this is because when the Gods of Elements were creating the planet, the main Elemental god of all six wanted a race to represent what all the gods stood for, life. So they created the Woodland Elementals. Which are all anthropomorphic woodland creatures. So Elos was home to originally made species, it's just they used animals as their main source of represen
:iconsolarelementel346:solarelementel346 4 2
Solar's Bio + link to his story
Name: Solar
Age: 13 years old (spent his 12th year and half of his 13th in a unconscious state while drifting in space)
Species: Elemental Hedgehog
Race of Elemental: Woodland Elemental
Place of Birth: Elos
Height: 90cm
Fur Color: Red
Skin: Peach
Eyes: Blue
Attire: Dark blue sneakers, black socks, short light green scarf, short open light green jacket, white gloves
Alignment: Good
Personality: Shy, Caring, Understanding, Naive, Sensitive, Thoughtful, Stubborn, Courageous, Courteous, Responsible, Reserved, Insecure, Selfless
Likes: Exploring, making new friends, his friends, going on adventures, helping people, seeing people happy, peace, relaxing
Dislikes: Evil in all forms, seeing anyone hurt, seeing his friends hurt or in danger, his enemies, heights, snakes or anything snake-like, not being strong enough to protect people he cares about, his underdeveloped abilities since he is still at a young age, people who judge
Powers: Ability to control the main elements
Weaknesses/flaws: Need
:iconsolarelementel346:solarelementel346 5 1
Solar Thumbs Up *slightly updated look* by solarelementel346 Solar Thumbs Up *slightly updated look* :iconsolarelementel346:solarelementel346 8 2 Solar with a DS by solarelementel346 Solar with a DS :iconsolarelementel346:solarelementel346 8 2


(MMD Model) Sir Galahad (Silver) Download by SAB64 (MMD Model) Sir Galahad (Silver) Download :iconsab64:SAB64 23 13 (MMD Model) Silver Sonic Download by SAB64 (MMD Model) Silver Sonic Download :iconsab64:SAB64 22 8 (MMD Stage) Regal Ruin Download by SAB64 (MMD Stage) Regal Ruin Download :iconsab64:SAB64 13 0 -HALO- W.I.P. by N-faMoS -HALO- W.I.P. :iconn-famos:N-faMoS 107 12 Sierra-334 Spartan Natallie. by SPNKRLover Sierra-334 Spartan Natallie. :iconspnkrlover:SPNKRLover 14 10 Midnight Walk To The Beach by KyrrahTW Midnight Walk To The Beach :iconkyrrahtw:KyrrahTW 29 7 sonic the hedgehog icon by crimsonrose17 sonic the hedgehog icon :iconcrimsonrose17:crimsonrose17 183 37 When I make a promise... by Shadnix When I make a promise... :iconshadnix:Shadnix 88 28 zonic doodle 2 by lujji zonic doodle 2 :iconlujji:lujji 730 34 Commission: velkanthefoxcat by JaneSheep Commission: velkanthefoxcat :iconjanesheep:JaneSheep 17 3 :Sketch: Super Hedgies by Shadow4one :Sketch: Super Hedgies :iconshadow4one:Shadow4one 27 9 I set fire to this frame by Ann-Nick I set fire to this frame :iconann-nick:Ann-Nick 3,971 685 Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask by KnightOfGames Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask :iconknightofgames:KnightOfGames 343 48 Destruction by Haruka-15 Destruction :iconharuka-15:Haruka-15 126 5 (MMD Stage) Mystic Ruins - Main Area Download by SAB64 (MMD Stage) Mystic Ruins - Main Area Download :iconsab64:SAB64 25 8 Kenny by BananaBu Kenny :iconbananabu:BananaBu 20 11


No one knows me better than me
United States
Just your average teenage gamer that plays way too many video games, your average teenage writer that gets too much into his own writing, and your average rookie artist that has a wild imagination and perfect images in his head but doesn't have the skill or talent to draw them whatsoever. Yeah there's not much to say about me honestly. An old friend of mine made me make a DA and well here I am. At first I didn't use this thing at all but now I use it pretty much everyday. Haha! I'm just mostly here to make friends and make stories about the characters I have. I'm a really nice guy so if you want to chat or play some good ol fashion video games then don't be afraid to talk to me. I don't bite. Like at all. Seriously. I'm one of those guys that is actually shy as fuck. I also don't mind doing RolePlays every now and then, I mostly like doing them 'cause it can give me inspiration in terms of character personality or story. Plus I just find it as another way of hanging out. I'm mostly going to be posting stories here when I get around to writing them so I apologize if that's not your cup of tea. Anyway, thanks for checking me out and if you actually read this far then I'm surprised. Hope you have a good one. ~Solar

Awesome Commissions done by even more awesome people:
COM : Rough paint : Solar by WispyVee Done by WispyVee
C: Solarelemental346 by Hanasekoi Done by Hanasekoi
.:Commission::. Stella by SiIent-AngeI Done by Angie--Wolf (as a gift for one of my best friends)
PC: Solar by AquaticDreamer Done by AquaticDreamer
Commission: solarelementel346 by JaneSheep Done by FallInWings


Thanks for the birthday wishes earlier guys! I'm still a bit busy with school but I'm hoping things will calm down soon in terms of school work. Feels weird to be officially 18 now lol but anyway I'll talk to you guys soon
Well Senior year has officially begun, I mean technically it started about a week ago but I wasn't able to write this down until now 'cause this Senior year is already starting to be very busy. Thanks to all of my friends for helping on making my summer vacation a very enjoyable one that was even better than last year and helping me through very rough times, you all know who you are. ^^

Unfortunately with Senior Year now being a thing, I won't be around anywhere online as much but I will try to make an effort to be on as much as possible. Want to get off of all these hiatuses, but excuse me if I disappear every now and then, life and responsibilities are becoming more apparent in my face as time passes. Sorry about this little inconvenience but it be a thing unfortunately. Anyway, I just wanted to bring that to attention since I'll be away more often, take care everybody.


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